Character Files from the ToiBox 22: Sheldon- Bio


nomaleBiography:  Subject EC:B 2-Sheldon

Sheldon is the product of ignorance and deceit. His birth was planned by both his father and his mother, but since they never actually met, it makes sense that their plans for the child clashed tremendously leaving everyone involved dissatisfied.

When Sheldon was born his mother thought he was dead or disfigured and so took her own life. He was left to be raised by strangers, but strangers who decided he deserved a better fate than what was planned for him.

Sheldon became a warrior for the righteous at a very young age and, ironically (explained in the book), never knew what it was to have a childhood until he met his new family. When Sheldon first met his adoptive family it was all business; he was to protect Mira on a mission. Years later Sheldon would find himself welcomed into a strange home that existed in both the world of reality and the illusion of a human only existence.

In Sheldon’s new home, for the first time, he would have a father, a mother, a sister, and become acquainted with humans who didn’t fear him.

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