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Excerpt from Chapter 2

     “Edgar!” his mother called. “It’s time for lunch, my darling.”

     The toddler didn’t respond, but scooted one foot forward. In hopes of rousing the sleeping bird, he poked it gently with the toe of his shoe.

     “Edgar? Where have you hidden, my silly boy? I have berries and cream inside for you.” Mother’s tone was sweeter than the afore mentioned berries, her words slathered in love and adoration.

     Edgar turned towards her voice, even started to straighten and go to her, before temptation’s curling, coiling finger encircled his chin and lured his attention back to those bright blue feathers. With each blink, his impossibly long lashes brushed the tops of his cheeks. The birds high overhead sang such a lovely tune. More than anything he wanted this fallen vocalist to rejoin their choir.

     Extending one finger, stained with dandelion butter and grass, Edgar tenderly stroked the velvety breast of the still creature. To his surprise, the bird gave an involuntary jerk beneath his touch. Through the pad of his finger, Edgar could feel a soft thump begin to beat a steady rhythm within his winged friend. Warmth chased away the cold’s harsh hold. A succession of crackles and pops righted the bird’s twisted neck. Black eyes blinked, focused. Feathers ruffled, the once limp form giving a quick hop, and the bird was on its feet. Its head cocked with an avian twitch, considering the boy crouched over it.

     “Edgar, what have you done?”

     With a hot rush of blood rushing to his cheeks, Edgar whipped around. Mother had never spoken a cross word at him, never looked at him with anything except absolute adoration. Yet, in that moment, she stared at him like a lowly stranger.

286 words from: Raven (Legends Saga Book 2) © 2014 Stacey Rourke

My Thoughts

If you can’t tell what’s happening in this scene, there’s no way I can better describe it for you. I love the way Rourke sets this scene up, so cavalier and natural. This is just another day in this little boy’s life- that is until it isn’t. Even this little tike knows something has shifted, never to be the same again. “Mother had never spoken a cross word at him,” before that day.

This is the second book in the Legends Saga and as soon as I finish it, I’ll be posting my review, along with the long overdue review of Crane, and then start the third book Steam. Even though this scene is perfectly spooky and intricately enticing, I love the fact that the Legends Saga is filled with humor. Just when you’re set on closing the book and seeking out every light source you can find, a hint of comic relief lightens the mood, which is a staple in the works of this author.

Rourke’s YA Fantasy, Gryphon Series, was much the same offering action packed magic battles with a hint of comic relief. I’m really enjoying the more adult nature, of this New Adult, Legends Saga, and think others will like it to. It’s New Adult that doesn’t cross the line into Adult Only- very sophisticated and clever.

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