Blogdom Mar. 26-Apr. 23, ’14


(Mar.26-Apr.23, 2014)

I sincerely apologise for not having a Blogdom post to share with you all this month. As some of you may know, I’ve had some personal difficulties to overcome and am slowly getting back on track. In the hustle and bustle that is my life, at the moment, I deleted the file with all my links. After I stopped crying I decided to, at least, post something so it didn’t seem like I just forgot. I promise to return next month with loads to share.

Until then, #thetoiboxofwords

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Toi Thomas

I like reading, writing, cooking, dancing, movies, and music. I'm a big kid and choose to see the world in my own special way. Yes, I'm educated, but I haven't let that stop me from being who I want to be. I'm a wife, teacher, author, blogger, and more.

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  1. Hope all is well and that you are feeling (psychologically) better after family loss. I have been super busy with #AtoZchallenge , visit my R … it got a lot of attention, I am afraid T is just promoting an event I am joining on Saturday ☮Peace ☮ ღ ONE ℒℴνℯ ღ ☼ Light ☼ visiting from

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