Better Off Dead – Mock Squid Soup No.5 #cinephiles #film #review

The internal laughs of anguish just keep on rolling on…But serieouly I will get myself together. As you may or may not have noticed, I forgot to post my movie review yesterday. Well, I forgot to watch the movie also. Luckily, I watched this movie about a year an a half ago and still have some images lingering in my mind. So for today, I will not do a full review, but will simply share some things I remember about this film: Better Off Dead.


From what I remember of this film it’s an atypical, but typical 80s film. I think it’s kind of a spoof on the teen dramas of that time and so it’s very funny. But like the others of its time, this film has an underdog, a popular guy/villain/guy to beat, a pretty unobtainable love interest (a popular girl in this case), and quirky or deep supporting characters that make the rest of the film interesting.

Here are the things about this film that stand out in my mind:

“Two dollars. I want my two dollars!”

Ricky’s parents using their foreign exchange student like a mail order bride.

Lane thinking of some odd ways to kill himself.

As is typical with these types of movies, the stupid teenage boy who’s been killing himself the whole movie trying to win the affection of the popular girl, eventually realizes that the best girl for him is just next door. Oh and there’s a ski race.

It’s a sweet and funny movie; one I’ll probably watch again at some point.

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  1. Sorry to be so late stopping by – busy week.

    Such a funny movie. I wonder if one would appreciate it as much if one didn’t know the other teen films of the era.

    Thanks as ever for joining us. Glad to see you’re already in for February.

    1. Yeah, I’m looking forward to watching Napolean Dynamite again. Always glad to be a part of this hop.

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