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The Real Purpose Of Networking

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“You need to find your purpose for networking and attending networking events. There are so many reasons for attending networking events. Regardless of what your reasons or purpose is that you need to have an understanding that it is not about getting sales at the networking events. The purpose of attending networking events is the process of building relationships. Remember people will only do business or give opportunities to those individuals that they know and trust. The purpose of networking is to understand the power of people. Networking is about concentrating on the focus on bringing together successful, motivated professionals to help each other to become even more successful by meeting new people to create connections that will take their careers or business to the next level and beyond. The purpose of networking should be about growth. If you are not looking to achieve growth then you are wasting your time of networking. The purpose for networking should be about community for business like minded individuals. It should be about support from both ends. Support should go both ways. Networking with professional individuals is working as a team. There is no “I” in the team. Another word you should all be working together. There should be unity or harmony when you are networking. The purpose of networking should not be about hanging out business cards trying to hustle people for business. Networking is generally a community of support, concern, upliftment, and empowerment. Networking should consist of the following components such as Professionalism, Consistency, Reliability, Intelligence, Resourcefulness, Strength, and Forward Thinking.”

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