Author Spotlight: Milton Kelly 1.2


An excerpt from

Walking In God’s Path Toward Your Destination Volume 2,
Building A Personal Relationship With Him

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“Let’s talk about the blueprint of what we call God our hope.  A person that thinks about building their dream house for his/her family. To build that dream house you need more than just an idea that you want to build your dream house. You will have to make a decision of the specific dream house that you have in mind. Then you need to have a blueprint that is created by an architect showing the actual details of your dream house. You will need to hire carpenters that can take your blueprint and manifest it into a substance that will become your dream house. The carpenters will create your dream house that is based on your blueprint. This should also apply to God’s Word. God’s Word the architect is God. That Blueprint is your hope based on the word of God. The carpenters will be your faith. Together the architect that represents God, the blueprint is your hope and the carpenters are your faith will create substances such as a healing. That’s so easy for us to digest. There is a catch to receive this benefit from God just like with building your dream house, you must finish the blueprint. If you have a blueprint that is incomplete then your home will also be incomplete. The only way that you will be able to complete your blueprint is to stay on course until it is completed. This also applies to our hope. Faith cannot work on an incomplete hope. You must stay focused on the Word of God concentrating on the particular thing that you are seeking God for. In our due time the Word of God will complete our hope. Then our Faith will begin to create a substance that will match your hope perfectly. Your faith in God is the substance of what you are hoping for.”

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