Adventures in Blogging: Types of Blogs part 1


I’ll be writing about my adventures, from my point of view, while offering my opinion on whatever the current matter happens to be. I hope you will enjoy it, if for no other reason, because you’ll get to see just how crazy my mind and reactions can be sometimes.

Types of Blogs vs. What I Read

I think there are many different types of blogs out there. I’ve narrowed them all down into five groups which are easy for me to understand. I’ll list them below, and with each listing I’ll provide a description and example of how that kind of blog applies to the world of books, and I’ll tell whether or not I read that kind of blog.

1. News– These are blogs/sites that spend the majority of their time reporting on other things. These blogs gather up information, pictures, and stories from elsewhere and present it all in one nice well organized place for their readership. Examples of such blogs would be: The NewYork Times, IndieWire, and for the book publishing industry, Publishers Weekly.

While I do not subscribe to these particular sites or blogs, I do follow them through either Facebook and or Twitter. If I see something I’m interested in, I click on it and learn more. To be honest, the news bores me, even entertainment news. I do actually subscribe to a few entertainment news blogs, but I can’t remember the last time I read a full article all the way through, except for maybe Alex J. Cavanaugh (a Book/Entertainment blog).

2. Niche or Themed – These are blogs that can sometimes cover multiple platforms, media, and genres, but whatever the content is comprised of, there is a central theme. The words “very specific” come to mind when thinking of these blogs. These blogs can be about any one specific subject such as: fashion, computer design, psychological theories, mixing music, horses and the care thereof, history, etc… While most Book Blogs could be Niche Blog, I’m going to talk about those more later. Examples of such blogs would be: A Beatutiful Mess, The Geek Twins, Christmas All Year Long, and for the book publishing industry, Is History the Agreed Upon Lie and Passages to the Past.

I actually subscribe to the blogs I’ve listed here. One is dedicated to lifestyle and fashion, one is dedicated to geekery, one is dedicated to preparing for Christmas, and so on. I like Niche or themed blogs for when I want to be consumed in a topic or want to focus on one idea/concept without any other distractions.

3. Skill or Practical Application – These blogs, while capable of being quite entertaining, are educational at their core. These are the blogs people turn to, to learn how to be: a better writer, a better cook, a better lover, a better gardener, a better whatever your heart’s desire. Examples of such blogs would be: You Grow Girl, Cinema5D, and for the book publishing industry, ALLi blog (which also serves as industry news), Live Write Thrive, and the CrimsonLeague.

I don’t subscribe to all of these, but I do read the writing ones. I’ve learned a lot by taking advice from other writers as I’m sure so many others have. Skills blogs are some of the most practical educational materials available to the masses.  One need only to look to find these, but a little more effort and time will be required to find out if these blog are actually helpful to you.

4. Exhibition or Presentation– These are the blogs that are dedicated to showing off one’s creativity. These are artist blogs, band blogs, author blogs, etc…I myself have written a nice little author blog in the ToiBox. Reading and sharing these kinds of blogs are the best way to show support and prove yourself a fan of someone else’s work. I’ll skip the examples and move straight into sharing some of my favorite exhibition blogs: A Curious Gal, The Middlest Sister, SophieBrowns, The Inbetween, and so many more.

It seems as though I’ve taken something simple and made it quite complex. Next week, I’ll finish with blog type #5 and wrap all this up.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you like it let me know and share it with others. See you next time, Toi Thomas. #thetoiboxofwords

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