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Greetings readers, bloggers, geeks, and authors and welcome to The ToiBox of Words. I’m your host Toi Thomas, author of Eternal Curse, and today I’m sharing a special interview with author, C.A. Allen, about her fiction book entitled, A Dewdrop Away. Enjoy!


Where did the idea for A Dewdrop Away come from?

I can’t remember the where or when of it, really. The world just popped into my head one day, and I built it up until I just had to write about it.

How did the title of this book come about?

The title of this book is based on one of the last things the main character Rupert’s mother says to him before she dies at the beginning of the novel- that though everyone is different in the divided world in which they live, their souls are “only a dewdrop away” meaning they’re essentially similar in the ways that really matter.

What genre is this book and why did you choose to make it so?

Fantasy. It’s really all I write (apart from poetry) and at the time I had the idea for this book, it was all I read as well (I’ve since branched out with reading, but fantasy is my first and best love).

What would you say is the overall message or the theme of this book?

I don’t really write with a message or theme in mind- I’m much more story and character-driven as an author. But I would have to say the core of the book goes back to the title and to the fact that it’s when we focus only on our differences instead of what we have in common- even if it’s just the experience of being a living creature- that we grow truly, hopelessly divided and lost. Also, think for yourself and give your intuition more credit than it usually gets- it’s often right (so much so that in Dewdrop, it’s considered a form of magic).

Tell me about the experience of writing this book; how long did it take.

From conception to finished, edited book this took me about ten years- though there were a LOT of breaks in there.

Where and when is this story taking place?

A Dewdrop Away takes place in the fictional, squirrel-run land of Arborand, in which there are six major territories: Oakwood, Pinewood, Firwood, Maplewood, Ashwood and Beechwood. Arborand is surrounded on all sides by water and it is unknown what other lands- or creatures-  lie across the water, if any.

Who is your favorite character in this book?

I really like Rupert, I’ve put him through a lot and he’s been an amazing sport about it. Kyan was amazingly fun to write. I also love Perris the chipmunk, he’s a really genuinely good soul and someone I would like to know in real life. His interactions with Theo were some of my favorite parts to write, in turns touching and funny.

As you can see, I can never pick just one.

Are there elements of your personality or life experiences in this book?

There are probably elements of my personality scattered about through all of my characters.

What is one thing from this book you wish was real or could happen to you?

I sometimes wish that magical artifacts like the golden chestnut actually existed, though it might cause a lot of trouble- being immortal would be an experience. Also, running around in trees without breaking my neck sounds like a good time.

What is something you wish wasn’t real and hope doesn’t happen to you?

I am really glad mind-control doesn’t operate on the same level in real life as it does in this book.

Do you have any special plans for this book in the near or far future?

Not at the moment. I would love if this book were someday made into an animation of some sort, that would be baller on so many levels, but right now there’s nothing to report. I’ve already written a prequel trilogy to Dewdrop, consisting of the books Flight, Fall and Overworld, all available on Amazon as well. No further books in the land of Arborand are currently planned, but that could change.


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