A Day in My Life: July ’13-Fashion Films and Contemporary Art


Do you have a MOCA near you?

MOCA- the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art hosts many wonderful gallery shows throughout the year, but the one I went in July was very special. It was part of special Fashion Films series. For the price of 1 admission, you could view all the current galleries on display as well as participate in the fashion films fun, which meant watching an iconic fashion influencing film, having your movie snacks, a participating in the costume/fashion contest.

On July 18th, the featured film was Pretty In Pink and yes, I dressed up, but don’t have a picture to share.  While of course the costumes, snacks, and film were wonderful, the art show pretty cool too.

Brian Dettmer’s Elemental exhibit was magical. What he did with those books, yeah that’s right BOOKs :D, was amazing. I felt like that exhibit had been featured just for me.

Then there was Stacey Steers’s Night Hunter exhibit. I still don’t understand it all, but it was beautiful. I almost missed the movie wanting to stare at it longer. A combination of video animation, sculpture, poetry, painting, and more, I was taken aback.

It was a truly entertaining and enlightening evening.


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