3 clues to guess my Aug ‘15 movie: A Mock Squid Soup Teaser #cinephiles #film #review

movieclueAhh, the forgetful bliss of the vacating mind. Despite the fact that Squid totally sent out a reminder for this, I simply forgot to do it. Sooooo, let’s do it now.

Clue #1– According to the rumor mill of some entertainment news sources that I can’t remember at the moment, when this movie originally finished production and was tested with small audiences, it did so bad that the release date was pushed back almost a year to reshoot the ending and a few other critical scenes.

Clue #2– The main character of this movie went through grueling hours of  costuming to assume the persona of this title character and felt that perfection was achieved when children were frightened by her.

Clue #3– This movie is not an original idea, but is perhaps an original take on the classic tale retold over centuries and in many cultures and other movies. There is actually a small part of the narration in this modern telling that was included “word-for-word” from the original U.S. film it was based on, and since the same movie house released both films it wasn’t a problem.

Do you think you know what my movie is? I am I still making this way too hard?

I can’t wait to see everyone else’s clues. I hope I guess some right. I’m so looking forward to the actual reviews that will be posted next week. I’m glad we decided to do this again.

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9 thoughts on “3 clues to guess my Aug ‘15 movie: A Mock Squid Soup Teaser #cinephiles #film #review”

  1. The Squid is too good and too fast, ha ha! That was going to be my guess, too. I remember Angelina Jolie’s remark about scaring children. Good one, Toi!

  2. It is Maleficent with Jolie. I heard them talk about this film and her costume with those “horns”. This is a very old fairy tale made most famous by The Brothers Grimm.

  3. I only had the time to read this today.
    I was going to say what Squid answered.
    Haven’t seen this yet but I want to.

    cheers, parsnip

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