Back of the Drawer #WEPFF Challenge No. 4 featuring “He Knew It; I Knew It” #amwriting #flashfiction

Surprise, surprise, I waited to the last minute, but here it is. Hope you like it.

He Knew It; I Knew It

No one saw what happened, but I did.

He knows I saw, but he doesn’t care. He knows I have no voice and he knows about my spells. He knows no one would believe me even if they did take the time read my handwritten statement with is childlike lettering.

I can’t help being what I am. I was born this way. I can’t help that sleep doesn’t always come so easy for me. And I can’t help that I was out digging for worms to put in my tank the night Larry turned dangerous.

It had just stopped raining and the ground was soft and sponging. The perfect time to pluck out worms, causing them little harm, and the perfect time to drag a body around. One sweep of the garden hose and the evidence would disappear with all the other mud and leaves that the rain washed away.

I tried to hide myself as he passed by, huffing and straining against the heft of the body. He never would have seen me had I remained behind the bush, but something caught my eye and I could ignore it. I ran out and scooped it up. That’s when he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to my feet.

Tears ran down my face and my fists clenched in agony. When looked into my eyes and saw my silent scream, he dared to chuckle, but quickly silenced himself. He dropped me to the ground. “No one can hear your scream, stupid mute girl. No one will come to your rescue if I end you right here.”

I curled in the fetal position and protected my jar of worms from the point of his boot. Vomit spewed from my mouth when the blow hit my stomach. He ran for the hose and sprayed the evidence away, dousing me just for fun.

He walked to put the hose away as I rocked in my cradle of protection, hoping this was the end of my pain. Hoping that he’d simply kill me or leave me there to pass out. When I heard birds chirping and sensed a brightness behind my lids, I knew he’d spared me.

I opened my eyes to let the sun burn away my sleepiness. I could hear the morning nurse, Samone, screaming for help as her heavy feet thudded toward me. “Oh Clara. Oh Clara, what are you doing out here? Are you hurt? You’ll catch your death.”

She tossed a blanket over me and rubbed my head. Soon Terence followed and scooped me up. “What happened Miss Samone?”

“I don’t know. Looks like she was collecting worms again.”
“I’m sorry I wasn’t on duty last night.” Terence winked at me and slowed his pace as he turned a corner, so as not to bang my head. “I never would have let this happened if I had been.”

Samone was livid. “Don’t know if you could have stopped her. This one is stubborn. Seems the harder I try to keep her safe, the more harm she causes herself.”

Terence placed me down on a cot and two more nurses rushed in to tend to my cleaning and injuries. One of them called out, “Go get her note pad. See if she can tell us what happened.”

Terence began to step out of the room, but I kicked my feet and shook my head. I stared at him, willing him to look my way. He paused a moment, leaning his head as if baffled by my sudden outburst. Then he looked me in the eyes.

I blinked as fast as I could and extended the jar still wrapped in my arms. Terence smiled at me and stepped forward. “It’s okay Clara. I’ll put them in your room.” He slid the jar out of my hand and I exhaled. “Get better so you can take care of these little guys.”

After Terence left, a note pad was shoved into my hands as my soiled clothes were ripped away and warm soapy water washed across my skin. Samone grasped my hand, “Clara, tell us what happened.” Despite her strict rules and military-like marching about, Samone really did care about each and every one of her patients. I hated to see her so worried over me. I was happy to tell her exactly what had happened, but then he walked past the exam room.

He stood there, outside the window, with a broom in his hand pretending to clean the floors. I couldn’t stop myself from reacting. I flinched and kicked my feet again. Samone became agitated with not having the answers she sought. Leaving the other nurses to finish my clean up, she ran out the room and retuned shortly with a needle. It was time for me to calm down whether I want to or not.

After I was calm and fully treated, Samone asked me again what happened. Again he was there, outside the window of my room. Surely his shift was over. Did no one else wonder why the Larry, the night custodian was still hanging around? Under his scrutiny, I couldn’t tell the truth.

I wrote slowly, “I fell on the ground and hit a rock.”

Samone rubbed my head, clearly blinking to hold back tears. “You were collecting worms, weren’t you?”

I shook my head.

“Why, why do that alone in the middle of the night? What if you had an episode and suffocated in the mud?”

I nodded my head, “I couldn’t sleep. I’m sorry.”

After a while, Samone left me to attend to other patients. Larry walked by my room few more times that day before finally heading home. A week went by and Larry was starting to act smug, no doubt thinking no one would ever find out. None of the other nurses or staff could explain why Gail had stopped coming to work, but she was new and they all agreed that this wasn’t the right job for every nurse.

One Saturday afternoon I convinced Terence to play cards with me in the kitchen. We programmed my communication board to say ‘go fish’ and “you got any…”, then all I had to do is hold up the card I wanted. Terence and I had played the game a lot and figured a single suit of cards for me to use as choice options was the best way to go.

As we played, Ron the handy man came through to fix one of the drawers that had gotten stuck at some point during the week. It held all the specialty utensils for grilling, and with family day coming up, we’d surely need those.

Only partially paying attention to my game, I watched Ron out the corner of the eyes as he banged on the drawer trying to loosen it. Finally, the drawer snapped out and fell to the floor with a crash. Then Ron yelp.

“Oh my God!”

Terence was already on his feet, standing in front of me protectively. “What it is Ron?”

“Look what’s in the back of the drawer.”

Terence patted my shoulder and then stepped toward the drawer. Just then Samone and Larry came rushing in from the hallway, each just starting their evening shift. There it was; even with the sparkly new engagement ring missing, the moon shaped birthmark gave it away.

Terence yelled, “I think it’s Gail’s finger. Gail’s finger is in the back of the drawer.”

Samone covered her mouth and gasped. She blinked a few times and then pulled out her cell phone. “I’m calling the cops. I hope no one here has anything to hide.”

Larry stared daggers into the back of my head, but I didn’t bother turning around to look at him. He knew I’d done it; just like I knew he’d done it.

1306 words – He Knew It; I Knew It © Toinette J. Thomas 2017

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Gardens #WEPFF Challenge No. 3 featuring We are Jardin #amwriting #flashfiction

Gardens inspire me in so many ways. I’ve included gardens in my other works so many times including my Eternal Curse Series and other short stories such as Our Place. I actually wrote three different stories in preparation for this challenge, but I couldn’t keep my word count down or limit my story lines to tell the whole story I wanted to tell. Finally, I gave up and decided to simply share part of a story. The sample below is the introduction to a fantasy adventure that still exceeds the word count a bit. Oh well.


“Agent Trence Howard to see Professor Jardin,” announced the short round woman with chestnut skin. She pulled from her front blazer pocket a folded booklet of identification and smirked impatiently.

The clerk glared up at her through his glasses and sighed. He reached for the booklet and responded, “So you are. You are Agent Howard, and let’s face it, pretty darn lucky.”

Trence pocketed her identification back into her red blazer and clicked her matching heels together. “Is there going to be a problem here?”

“Oh no; no problem here.”

The clerk stepped away from his desk and pointed down a long hall leading into darkness. Trence nodded her head and then followed behind him quietly. Her red heels had no reason to clink at this time.

“What makes you think I’m so lucky anyway?” The clerk paused a moment to look Trence in the eyes and then turned to continue down the hall.

“You do realize that you’ll be the first to enter the professor’s private quarters? I mean, you must realize there has to be a reason why you had to get a letter from the judge in order to force your way in there.”

“I did what I had to. As long as the professor has nothing to hide, there shouldn’t be any problems.”

This time, the clerk stopped without turning. “You can find it from here. It’s the only door at the end.” Trence sighed and lifted her skirt, letting her heels express her annoyance. After a few steps, the clerk called out. “We all know he has something to hide, but some of us trust he has his reasons for hiding it.” Trence didn’t respond as she marched forward.

The hall seemed to narrow and grow cool. Moisture lingered in the air with a sweet fragrance, like a mist of rose water. Soon the floor seemed to soften. Try as she might, her heels had been quieted by the cushion beneath her. Just ahead the shape of a door could just be made out in the silhouette of light streaming from behind it.

Hands shaking Trence scolded herself, You are an agent of the High Court; nothing will happen to you here without dire consequences. She grasped the handle of the door and took a deep breath as she plunged forward.

Tripping on an odd green wire, Trence fell forward, dropping the booklet she’d placed in her hand as she opened the door. Expecting to hit the floor hard, Trence was surprised to end up in the arms of a tall thin man with a scruffy beard and emerald-green eyes.

“I’m so sorry to barge in like this. I didn’t mean to make such a scene.”

“Well, this is quite a surprise. I assume you are from the High Court. I must say, I was expecting a man.”

“Of course, you were; everyone expects me to be a man. In any case, I’m here to inspect your work in order to find answers concerning your achievements in biochemistry.” Trence straighten herself and dusted off her skirt. The button of her blazer had popped off and it made her feel a bit vulnerable, but she wasn’t going to let the thin man know that.

“Straight down to business, are we? Shouldn’t we at least have introductions?” The tall man bowed and extended his hand. “I’m Professor Jardin.”

Trence patted around in search of her identification, ignoring his extended hand, and then huffed. “I seem to have miss placed my credentials, but I assure you, I am Agent Howard and we should be getting straight down to business. I understand you keep a garden and a laboratory, aside from your exclusive collection of books.”

“You mean my library?”

Trence blinked. “Sure, your library. I assume this is it we are in now. Should I begin by cataloging the books?”

“I don’t know if you should handle the books; they are so rare and delicate. Surely they can’t be of any real importance.”

“Perhaps Professor, but that’s for me to decide. I can at least discover what the books are about and list them alphabetically.” Trence looked beyond the floral-toned book bindings, taking in the smell of fresh moss and a subtle trickle of water. “Is your garden nearby?”

The professor smiled and the corner of his eyes sparkled. Trence shook her head thinking she was seeing a glare, but from where she didn’t know. “Yes, the garden is near. This is such fun. I think you may actually figure it out before long.”

“Figure what out. How exactly is this fun for you, Jardin? Don’t you understand that your life’s work is under investigation?”

“Of course, I understand, but soon you’ll be wondering why, now of all times, I am being investigated.”

“It’s not for me to wonder why. I’m here to collect data for the initial hearings. That’s all. So, now, please where is the garden, where is your lab, and where do you actually work? You must have an office; at least a desk.”

“I have all of those things and more. It’s all here. Look around and open your eyes.”

Trence pursed her lips and pushed air through her nostrils. Of course, the only female agent in the Court gets stuck working the cuckoo case.  “Please just tell me what I want to know so we can move this along.”

Professor Jardin stepped toward Trence and begin to speak when something caught his attention. He shook his head and closed his eyes. “Professor, what are you doing? It seemed like you were going to say something.”

Jardin kept his eyes closed but begin to turn his head from side to side. “Ah, it seems we’ve found your missing credentials and a red button. Are you missing a red button?”

Trence looked around briefly and then stared at the professor with his eyes closed. “Yes, I had a red button.”

Jardin lifted his head and opened his bold emerald eyes. “That’s good because they are right behind you.”

Slowly, Trence began to turn around, clenching her fist and wondering why she was letting this man get to her. Before she completed her turn a wall of vines took her breath away. It wasn’t there a moment ago and yet it was a wall, lush green cords and orange buds, some hanging from the unseen ceiling and others shooting up from the mossy floor. Her credentials and button rested neatly in a nest of leathery leaves emerging from the surrounding foliage.

Without turning back to the professor, Trence eeked out, “Who exactly are we?”


1099 words- We are Jardin 2016 Copyright © Toinette J. Thomas

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Alternate Voices Anthology: A Book for a Cause | Authors to Watch

“This week is a celebration of the release of Alternate Voices, a DI Lyle Anthology. Seven authors (including Juliet B Madison, author of the DI Lyle Series) have come together to present a collection of short stories. The proceeds from the anthology will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support. Each day this week, I am featuring a different author. I’m proud to say I am a part of this wonderful collection of stories. Since I can’t interview myself, I would like to talk about my contribution to the anthology…”

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Friday Fiction: ToiBox Edition No. 006 #fridayreads (luck, office, couple, whistle)

So, I’m a little late. It’s still technically Friday where I am, so here goes noth’n.


Prompt # Prompt #343693121
Topic/Theme: luck | Location/Setting: office
Character(s): couple(s) | Object(s): whistle | Action: NA | Random Additive: NA


I think I want … a … candy bar. Yeah, let’s try … F5.

Ben looked up and noticed Sam staring at him from around the corner. “Hey Sam, what’s up?”

“I don’t think you ought to be using that machine, Ben,” stated Sam while looking around nervously.

“Why not? It’s here and I’m hungry.”

“Ben, I’m telling you, that machine isn’t normal. You don’t want anything out of it. Just go down to the second floor like everyone else.”

“Sam, why exactly is this machine here, if everyone uses the one downstairs? What’s wrong with this one? Eats everyone’s money and never puts out?”

Sam stepped forward slightly, waving his hand for Ben to move towards him. “You don’t know the half of it. Please, don’t put any money in that.”

“Too late, it already has my money.”

Sam stomped his foot. “Let it go. Leave it behind. I’ll buy you something downstairs.”

Two weeks later Ben was pulling a late shift trying to complete a special project that would be presented to the managers the next day. Ben was glad the floor manager’s assistant had taken pity on him and stayed to help him out. He was still the new guy on the cube block and everyone was waiting to see if he really had ‘what it takes’ to make it at the firm.

Shirley yawned and stretched as she returned from the copy room. “Man, we have at least another hour of this and I’ve already burn off my dinner.”

Ben jumped up, “I got you covered. Anything you want out of the vending machine is yours?”

“Wow you really know how to thrill a girl, don’t you?” Ben slumped his shoulders and Shirley sighed. “Oh, Ben. I was just kidding. Something from the vending machine would be great.”

He perked up. “Great, what would you like?”

“Feel like making two stops?”

“Sure, but why?”

“There are no drinks on the second floor and the one on this floor is on the other side of the block.”

“It might be a little bit more walking, but I wouldn’t call it two stops. I’ll get your drink them come back get your snack around the corner.”

Shirley’s mouth dropped open and she stared at him for a moment. “You’re not going down to the second floor vending machine?”

“I wasn’t going to unless what you want isn’t available in the one here.”

Shirley took a few steps back. “You haven’t been using that machine, have you?”

Ben sighed. “Not yet, but what’s the big deal … If it’s that crappy, why keep it around.”

“No one told you about the vending machine? It’s bad luck.”

It was Ben’s turn to drop his mouth open. “Are you serious? No one uses that vending machine because it’s bad luck?”

Shirley fidgeted. “Well, not all the time. Every now and then, it grants someone good luck, but it’s an awful big risk to take.”

Ben started to walk away towards the aisle. “Fine, I’ll go down to the second floor.”

“Maybe I should come with you.”

“Seriously, I’m not going to try to trick you and give you ‘bad luck’.” Ben’s use of finger quotes didn’t ease Shirley’s mind. It was clear that he didn’t believe her, but she decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Two weeks later Ben was moving into his new office. He was the first cubie to be promoted to an Assistant Manager’s position in only a month. Now he even had legitimate access to the managerial assistants and often had lunch with Shirley. Though they tried to remain low-key, everyone knew they were a couple. As long as he wasn’t her manager it wasn’t a problem, but they often discussed her transferring to another department in case he got promoted again.

One late evening, Sam returned to the office to pick up a file he meant to work on over the weekend and noticed Ben’s office light on. He went in to say hi, but Ben wasn’t there. He heard a strange sound around the corner and followed it. As he approached the lounge he recognized the sound of a vending machine taking money and ran. “Noooo!”

Ben jumped back and shouted. “What’s the matter with you, scaring me like that?”

“You’ve been using the machine haven’t you? That’s how you got that promotion…It won’t last you know.”

Ben caught his breath. “I’m not using it, I’m just feeding it. I thought you all were crazy at first but then my life started getting so good, I couldn’t risk it all going bad.”

Sam stepped into the lounge but kept his distance from the machine. “What do you mean, you’re just feeding it.”

“I never make a selection. I just put in the money and think about what I want. I’ve actually lost about eight pounds not eating the stuff I want. Add to that my new promotion, my sweet lady, and the reduction in my rent, I’ll keep feeding this thing as long as it’ll take my money.”

Sam smiled, “So you cracked it. You figured out a way to beat it or maybe you figured out a way to please it.”

Ben shook his head. “Yeah I guess, but I still feel like I’m treading on thin ice. Anyway, you want to give it a try?”

Sam backed up. “No, I’m good. I don’t believe in messing around with luck. I’ll just keep my life simple and predictable.”

Two weeks later, Shirley can down from the director’s office to meet Ben for lunch. He was breaking in his new office and assistant. After showing her around and introducing her to Shirley, he bid her farewell to go off to lunch.

Having just started a few hours ago, Margie wasn’t really hungry but was eager to dive into her new duties. After about a half hour, she became restless. There was plenty to do, but most of the managers and assistants had gone off to lunch and she wasn’t feeling motivated. She decided to visit the lounge to seek out a simple snack.

She walked up to the vending machine and almost pressed her face against the glass since she’s left her glasses at her desk. Leaning forward, she extended her hand to brace herself and accidently pressed a few buttons, unknowingly making a selection. Just then the rack on row F5 begin to turn moving a chocolate bar forward. When the bar dropped to the bottom of the tray, Margie looked around and considered whether or not she should take it. She hadn’t paid for it; heck she hadn’t even selected it, but there it was.

A few moments later, Annie, the file clerk came into the lounge to get a cup of coffee. In the middle of the floor lay some woman she’d never seen with a candy bar in her hands. Annie dropped her coffee cup, pulled out her whistle, and began to blow. She ran up and down the aisles of the cube block blowing her whistle. People were scattering about, jumping into action as though this drill had been practiced before.

When Ben arrived back to his office five minutes late another manager was waiting for him. Ben pulled at his tie and approached with caution. “Say Norman, what’s going on? Did I miss a meeting? Parking was terrible out there today.”

Norman approached Ben and extended his hand. The two men shook and then Norman spoke. “Ben I hate to be the one to lay this on you, but you’re being transferred. I know how much you like it here; don’t worry, it’s not a demotion in anyway. The guys upstairs just feel like an up and comer like you needs to be in a division with some real growth potential.”

Ben sighed with relief. “Well that’s fine, that’s great. I was afraid it was bad news.”

“Oh no, not at all. You’re solid as a rock around here Ben.”

“Great, but what about my new assistant? Is she coming with me?”

“No, she’s already been informed of the blunder. She never should have started here today. She’s also being reassigned.”

“Oh, well. Seems like a lot went down while I was away to lunch.”

Norman patted Ben on the back and looked over his shoulder out the window, facing the cube block and winked. “You don’t know the half of it son.”

1,407 words

September ?, 2015 – Prompt #1563136199
Topic/Theme: fashion | Location/Setting: jungle
Character(s): NA| Object(s): bug | Action: NA | Random Additive: ink/paint

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Friday Fiction: ToiBox Edition No. 005 #fridayreads (quest, inside, weapon, confuse)


Prompt #0269138167

Topic/Theme: quest | Location/Setting: inside

Character(s): NA | Object(s): weapon | Action: confuse | Random Additive: NA

From the Inside

Eric’s head swooned as he tried to stand, bouncing translucent orbs circled him. “Where, where are we?”

“Inside,” Victor replied, his voice booming in Eric’s ear.

Blinking through the pain and weight of lifting one’s own body to a standing position, the bouncing orbs slowing down and fading away, Eric looked around. “Inside where?”

“That’s a good question kid. Wish I had an answer for you.”

Eric followed Victor’s voice, finally locating him this vast void. Victor looked strong as usual; whatever had overcome Eric must have eluded Victor. Victor stood erect, wearing a black loincloth, staring at a blank wall of sorts. His bulging muscles were for once at rest though his demeanor expressed alert. Victor was waiting for something.

Eric looked down, still regaining his balance and focus, as the bouncing orbs faded completely allowing him to take in the stark brightness of his surroundings. He too wore a black loincloth, but his body looked thin and pale. Was I this thin before the incident? What was the incident? What’s happening here?

Finally Eric approached Victor. “What’s going on? Where are we?”

Victor was unmoving. Speaking in a low calm voice he reiterated. “We are inside. As to the where, why, or how I do not know.”

Eric spun around slow, fully taking in his surroundings. He and Victor were in a bright void that went on as far as his eyes could see, but within the void was a large transparent box. He and Victor were inside the box. Eric’s head ached from some unknown physical impact, but trying understand what had happened to him and where he was, made it throb.


“The Mittiens and their weapon- we were on a quest to find it. I remember.”

“Good kid; glad you remember, but it doesn’t help us understand what’s happening now.”

“We must have been caught by the Mittiens. They are holding us here.”

“Perhaps, but to what end. Where exactly are they holding us?”

Eric opened his mouth to say something and then quickly shut it realizing he had no response to offer. Pacing back and forth the length of the clear box, Eric interrogated himself, searching to find answers hidden beneath the right questions. Suddenly Eric stopped and stared at Victor. He had not left his spot, nor altered his position, and barely breathed. Taking a few steps toward his mentor, Eric noticed for the first time the sound of… Buzzing? No, the minute hum of vibration. With each step he took the humming skidded passed his ear- mmm, mmm. Now the vibration tickled the hairs on the back of his neck.

“You figured out the vibration didn’t you, Victor?”

“I did.”

“That’s why you’re not moving.”

“That’s part of it.”

“What does the vibration mean?”

“What does any of it mean Eric? I don’t know. I can only assume that whatever is holding us up, within whatever this brightness is, it’s as stable as I would like.”

Eyes fighting to stay closed, head swaying, and perspiration beading his forehead, Eric tried to recall his lessons on mediation to aid him in and effort to achieve his mentor’s stillness, but brightness and aches distracted him.

“Victor, were you injured or damaged when you came to? Did you feel the aches, as I do, before working through them?”

Victor’s eyes blinked and his shoulders twitched- mmm. “No,” he answered.

Eric sighed. Maybe I’m asking the wrong questions. “What’s the last thing you remember of our quest? How far did we get?”

Another blink and twitching of the shoulders- mmm.

“Victor, are you alright? Do you remember anything?”

Victor finally tuned his head to face Eric – mmm. His eyes blinked rapidly. Pulses of micro vibrations began to crash into one another, almost to the point where the box shifted. Still unmoving, eyes blinking, and facing his protégé, Victor spoke. “We didn’t get far, but you made it into their vault. After you cracked their code, you stepped in.”

Everything went dark.

Mmm, mmm. Mmm, mmm.

Footsteps approach in the darkness. Clunk, mmm, mmm. Cluck, mmm, mmm.

Eric braced his body against a wave of cool air. He felt like he was falling and then he wasn’t.

Clunck, mmm, mmm. Clunck, mmm, mmm. Clunck, mmm, mmm. Clunck, mmm, mmm.

His ears twitched, and he fought the urge to lean into the sound of the steps. Now the floor beneath him buzzed and his body shook. The void was bigger around him now, he could feel it. He knew the box was gone, but that the floor remained. The blackness, oddly enough, was much more comforting to him than the light. His training was coming back to him and his meditation techniques helped him to keep calm. Buzz, mmm, buzz, mmmm.

Nothing, at least that’s what they want me to think. I’m not floating around in nothing. I wouldn’t be able to breathe if I was. Why are they doing this? What did I find in that vault- a weapon, something worse?

Buzz, mmm, mmm. Buzz, mmm, mmm.


Gamma Don. Rowe stood and saluted Beta Don. Xett before delivering his report. “Sir it seems that we may have a problem in the Confusion Chamber.”

“What sort of problem Gamma?”

“The latest p.o.w. seems to have figured out how it works, or at least he’s on the verge of figuring it out.”

“Gamma Don. Rowe, please elaborate. What has the human been able to decipher?”

“Well sir, it seems that his memory is returning, he’s locked in on the vibrational pattern of the box, so we now have him in the spatial quadrant, but his not going for the bait. Then there’s the matter of the second pulse.”

“Second pulse? Explain Gamma; I don’t have time to keep up with all the technology to youngers implement these days.”

“Sir, unfortunately, the second pulse isn’t one of ours. We’re not even sure what it is. All we know is that the human entered the Confuse Chamber alone, but periodically, we register two heart beats in the room with him. It is as if someone is helping him defeat our weapon from the inside.”

1,021 words

July 17 #, 2015 – Prompt #343693121

Topic/Theme: luck | Location/Setting: office

Character(s): couple(s) | Object(s): whistle | Action: NA | Random Additive: NA

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