Yay, More Winter-ish Stuff ’17 Haul – #books #vinyl

Well, today is a day of, what one art teacher I know calls, ‘happy mistakes’. Not sure how I didn’t know about this, but I was interviewed by Angel M, but somehow missed the post. Please check it out here. It’s a really fun feature called #SQUIRREL.

So, this is a fun little video I threw together in preparation for an early Spring. Turns out, I jumped the gun. Oh well, I still got some pretty cool stuff: clothes, vinyl, and of course books. I’m so blessed.

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#IWSG January 2017: What writing rule do you wish you’d never heard? Oh, and Happy New Year!


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Happy New Year Everyone! Lots of changes coming, but first…

Monthly Question: What writing rule do you wish you’d never heard?


I’ll admit that I still sometimes want to roll my eyes when I hear someone say “show not tell”, but when writing fiction, it really is a must. It’s just too bad that not everyone who strives to be a writer has had a classical education in creative writing. Most of us have to learn here, there, through trial and error, and wherever we can get viable and applicable feedback.

But if you really want to know what writing rules drive me crazy, I have two words: voice and p.o.v.

Everyone always wants to give their two cents on the writer’s voice, until the writer’s voice sounds just like theirs. I don’t think it’s wise to say “never use passive voice” because there may be times when it’s needed. It would make more sense to say, avoid using passive voice. I don’t think it’s wise to say “don’t use dialog tags”. I think it’s better to say “use them sparingly and wisely with variety.” Sometimes long convoluted sentences are part of the story, scene, or character. These and other tidbits are all opinions that can alter the author’s voice…

And just for the record, not all the best stories ever written are in first person. Why are people so against third or second person? Why can’t people handle more than one point of view?

Lastly, for me a preface or prologue is an extra bit of info to introduce the story or tease the action to come. It’s not technically part of the story and can be or not be read. So why are so many writers against them?

On a completely separate note, thank you, Chrys Fey, for your article “Dear Persistent Writer” in the last newsletter. Those words of encouragement came right when I needed it.

Also, since it’s a new year, I’ve changed a bunch of things and will be trying some new things. I’ll be posting about it all later, but wanted to mention that there may be pictures of cute dogs on my side panel at any given moment. That’s new. You’re welcome.

Also, in a rare weekend post, I’ll be announcing the winners of my Teacher cash prize and other giveaways this Saturday.


Do you strongly dislike third person or prologues?
Any changes for you this year?
Slightly random here, but do you have an active You Tube channel?


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