#IWSG November 2014: Hang In There


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Oh my goodness! I do not understand how other bloggers go from one month-long challenge to another and still manage to find time to breath. I did my first month-ling challenge, Write 31 Days, and I’m still recovering. For a whole month I was barely getting by. I kept up with my regular daily posts as best I could. I posted a “What’s in a name” 31 Days post every day, dealt with a plethora of personal and medical issues, and tried to read…Notice I said “tried to read”. I hadn’t read for pleasure or written for pleasure in one whole month.

It’s the fifth day of November and I’m slowly beginning to feel like myself again. I had the day off from work yesterday and after voting, I just relaxed a bit. I read a chapter in a book I’ve been staring at for months now and then wrote a page of new story notes. After that I edited two chapters of another book I’ve been working on. The only low point to my day was late in the evening when I realized I needed to get ready for work the next day.

I guess the point of me saying all this is that, through it all, I hung in there. It wasn’t easy and I feel like I missed out on a lot, but I survived last month and plan on surviving the months to come. Sometimes being a blogger and writer can be overwhelming, but hang in there for the moments when it’s fun, entertaining, up-lifting, educational, informative, encouraging, and so much more. I’m grateful to be able to share something with this special group today. Writing this post has been an achievement for me. Sometimes the simplest things can be the hardest when life is getting you down, but if you hang in there, things will work out.

I hope you are feeling encouraged today. If not, share your woe with me. I bet I can relate and hopeful I’ll be able to offer some words of encouragement just for you.


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