#IWSG February 2015: Waiting & Celebrating


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So this month a have a few things to celebrate and a few thing to try really hard not to worry about.

1) My wonderful new bud The Armchair Squid nominated me for the Inspiring Blogger Award. To say that I’m honored would be an understatement. I’ve been blogging for almost four years now, but sometimes I still feel like a newbie just trying to get a handle on this blogging thing. When I receive recognition like this, it makes my whole week; and to receive it from a blogger I truly admire is even better. Now here comes my insecurity. Tomorrow I’m going to post my response to this nomination and in turn nominate around 15 other bloggers. I will have no trouble at all finding bloggers who inspire me, I just don’t know how they’ll respond to being nominated by me. Some of them I’m very close to, but others I kinda feel like a fangirl suffering from the delusion that I’m friends with these great bloggers I follow. Plus they’ve probably all been nominated already by someone else.

2) Yesterday I posted a new little project I’ve started to help me keep in touch with some of my author buddies and blog guest. I call it “Long Time No Talk”. It’s basically a blog exchange that allows me to post an update for someone else and they post one for me. Yesterday I shared the update of author M.C.V. Egan. You can click here to see it. My plan is to reach out to others who’ve visited my blog to see what they’ve been up to in the same fashion. It was a lot of fun doing the first one and even if the guest aren’t keen on posting my update to their blog, I’ll still post theirs to mine.

3) Now it’s time to wait. I completed the sequel to my Eternal Curse Series and with help of the IWSGCC I was able to find someone to critique it for me. So I sent it off and now I’m waiting. I’m waiting to see just how much more work the manuscript needs or perhaps how much more work I need as a writer. I’m excited and scared all at the same time.

4) I’m glad to announce, for the few of you who know about it, that I’ll be starting back up with my You Tube channel posts in March. Aside from picking back up my regularly scheduled programming, I’ll also be putting together a miniseries to help promote the sequel to Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel. I’m thinking a cute dog in the videos will help keep them interesting. What do you think?

So now it’s off to completing my list of nomination; do you like these kinds of awards: yes or no? Seriously, is a cute dog a good idea or not? strong>


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