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Giovanni-bkBiography:   Subject EC: GA 3-Giovanni

Giovanni is born out of death and tragedy, deformed and rejected. He isn’t given much chance to live, but proves the doctors wrong as he thrives in a state of decelerated growth. His life seems to go on for decades with little change and he exhibits many strange behaviors and abilities.

Having no mother, it takes a few years for a grieving Italian nurse to give him his name. He loves the nurse very much and is very saddened when she dies and he’s left alone again. Appearing to be about 12 years old, Giovanni runs away to live on his own: living, eating, sleeping, learning, and growing when and where he can.

Appearing about the age of 17, Giovanni stumbles into Abraham’s camp as he fleas an angry mob. Abraham takes pity on him and brings him home, the first real home he’s ever had. Giovanni devotes his life to looking after Abraham and his wife Sarah.

Giovanni tries to save Sarah from being hit by a car, but is too late. Then he rushes to save a grieving Abraham from killing himself and succeeds, only to see his friend forever crippled. Giovanni refuses to give up on Abraham and moves them to Sinclair Manor to start a new life.

In time Abraham snaps out of his grief and he and Giovanni become friends again. Giovanni develops a love for gardening and begins to absorb knowledge and information through the Internet. He meets Mira online and develops a friendship with her. He’s very pleased when she decides to come visit him to try and help with his many physical abnormalities.

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