The Art and Business of Attending Live Events by Toi Thomas at GoIndieNow

See what happens when you’re under the weather, you miss your own guest post. Oops! Please, go check me out over at GoIndieNow! I’m sharing some insights I’ve learned over the years, and from those further along than I am, concerning live events and hope you, at least, find it entertaining.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that I was not the average writer, in more ways than one.

Since I’m here to talk about live events today, I’ll save you the shock and awe (an exaggeration) of listing all the ways in which I’m a little different and simply focus on the topic at hand. I realized that while, like most writers, I have introverted tendencies, my geeky nature has allowed me to overcome many of my social insecurities…
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Featured New Book Spotlight: Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel by Toi Thomas

Today, I’m visiting West of Mars to talk about a bit of musical inspiration. 

“Let’s welcome author Toi Thomas to West of Mars! Toi stopped in last week to see what song made her friend Alex think of his book and decided to hang around and step into the spotlight, herself.

Brave woman!

Let’s get right to it: Toi, what song makes you think of your book?” Read more…

Your Next Favorite Author: Toi Thomas

Sooooo, guess who got featured?

This girl!


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“Why are you THE Next Favorite Author?
I write for story lovers. I love fresh stories, characters, and worlds. I’ll be the favorite author of a geek like me…” Read more: Your Next Favorite Author

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HeroPress: SIX OF THE BEST: The ToiBox Of Words

So yesterday I was featured on a really cool blog, to which I am a fan. I got the message to visit in the morning. I was so excited, but when I tried to go back later to read the article and share it with the world I experienced some computer issues. 🙁 Better late than never, please go check me out at HeroPress. Tim Knight is a really cool guy.

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