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Here are two similar, but different teasers for my latest and final edition of
Eternal Curse: GIOVANNI’S ANGEL.


Here’s a trailer for EC:GA created by author M.C.V. Egan.

Here’s a trailer for 40 Days… created by author M.C.V. Egan.

 Just below here you’ll find: 1st an interesting cultural review of Eternal Curse, 2nd a radio interview with The Author, and 3rd a cool quiz to challenge you and your friends with knowledge of Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel.

This interview features the 2nd and 3rd editions (no longer available).


Click the images below to enjoy the Pinterest adventure that is the Eternal Curse.

Eternal Curse One Art  EC: GA Story Guide   EC: B Story Guide

Learn about the journey of Eternal Curse: GIOVANNI’S ANGEL
publication by watching this video.

Even though the fourth and final edition is not included in the video, it’s still worth a watch. Click here to learn about the 4th edition transition.

To get a feel for what’s really happening in this book series, check out the Influences #1 video miniseries.

Check out this a lovely animated cover by CK Dawn.

Visit the Eternal Curse tab to learn more about each installment and to see purchasing information.