Welcome to The ToiBox of Words site and blog. This is essentially an author blog. Toi Thomas will be writing and sharing about such topics as: her books, other authors and their books, movies, geek culture, the publishing industry, and so much more. Toi would like to keep things lighthearted so please: no profanity, explicitly erotic language, or hate speech here. Toi looks forward to and welcomes your questions and comments. To learn more about this author and blogger, visit the TOI THOMAS page. The special hashtag for this site is #thetoiboxofwords – Use it, share it, follow it. Thanks 🙂

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Blog Schedule(New): All regularly scheduled posts go up around 6:00 am ET. In case of holidays and or special event posts, regularly scheduled posts will go up around 8:00 am ET (rarely posting around 12:00 pm ET)… And, I reserve the right to post random thoughts when applicable.

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Monday- author interviews and book promos, associated reblogs- when applicable

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Cephalopod Coffeehouse: Book Review (last Friday)

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Reviews Toi’s reviews are written for entertainment and are based on books she’s read for pleasure. Each review will contain some level of a story description, rating, and explanation of the rating, with recommendations sometimes thrown in. She rates simply on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best.

1-Didn’t like it.
2-Didn’t finish it. (benefit of the doubt)
3- It was okay.
4- Liked it.
5-Loved it.
Updated 02/2017

~Sorry, Toi does not accept open/direct book review requests. If you want to let her know your book is available, please go ahead and share it by sending her a message. She likes to know about new releases and is always looking to pile onto her TBR list. If your book is scheduled to appear on a virtual book tour, you are welcomed to share the sign-up information with her, though she cannot guarantee she will participate. Toi will not be making any arrangements or agreeing to review any books based upon a request.~

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Here are a few causes Toi likes to support and give to on a regular basis. Please feel free to visit these sites to learn more about them. Toi has hosted book clubs, book signings, tea parties, and more to raise funds for these organizations and would do so again.

American Cancer Society
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Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughter
Operation Underground Railroad

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